Marble Floor Polishing in Rugby

Marble Floor Polishing in Rugby

Chris & Jordan have spent 3 days restoring marble floors in Rugby for a client. Their floor had lost its shine and had become very dull. We did a small sample area a few months ago as our client wanted to know what it would look like before committing to such a large task. You can see the dull floor at the top of the picture.

Marble Floor Polishing in Rugby

To start with we did our usual vacuuming. This removed any grit that was on the floor and ensures we don’t scratch the floor any more. Then we protect the surrounding areas using plastic sheeting before the restorations starts. A stone floor becomes dull because of the minute scratches caused by simply walking on it! So, without maintenance your marble floor could look dull and ugly again within a couple of years. The restoration process uses commercial grade diamond encrusted pads that are in different grades, similar to sandpaper, from really rough to really smooth. The smoother the grade the higher the shine!

Marble Floor Restoration -

It’s a time-consuming process to restore the shine on marble floors but the boys plugged away for three days to remove the scratches and restore the shine. There was a few cracks that needed to be filled with a coloured epoxy before being sanded and polished to blend in with the natural veins of the marble.

Marble Floor Polishing - Marble Floor Polishing - Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing -

A final deep clean and buff revealed the extent of the shine giving our client the WOW factor back to their marble floor.

Here’s how to look after your Marble floor

It’s important to maintain your marble floors to extend the life of the shine. A few simple steps will help

  1. Firstly, deal with spills as soon as they happen. Acidic spills such as wine, lemon juice, cola etc will etch the surface and remove the shine.
  2. Sweep with a soft brush.
  3. Regular damp mopping.
  4. Use pH neutral cleaners, avoid using acidic based cleaners as these will etch the surface.
  5. Occasional deep cleaning with a full wet clean (mop & bucket).


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Written By: Chris Bailey

Caring for his clients' soft furnishings and floors since May 2000. Chris is passionate about providing a second-to-none level of service that he believes all his clients deserve.

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