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Professional Rug Cleaning from Bailey’s Floor Care

Professional rug cleaning in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry (Inc Leamington Spa & Kenilworth) and Northampton has to offer.

We offer free collection and will deliver your rug when it’s clean and dry.

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable and trusted company that provides professional rug cleaning in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and surrounding areas? If your rug is in need of a good clean, but you want it to be cared for properly, you’re in good hands with the trained and experienced rug cleaners at Bailey’s Floor Care.

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve developed a detailed step-by-step rug cleaning and restoration process that provides a deep and thorough clean, without risk of damage. Combining this unique process with our professional cleaning equipment, we’re able to completely restore and brighten up any dull and lifeless rug by removing the deep-down, ground-in dirt that’s become embedded in its fibres over the years.

Bailey’s rug cleaning services covers all types of rugs from modern area to Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistan, Indian, Afghan, Persian, Kilims, Chinese and even silk.

professional rug cleaning in west bridgford baileysfloorcare

Here’s where we’ll dry your rugs – in our Temperature & Humidity Controlled drying room

Bailey’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration Services

At Bailey’s Floor Care, we’ve been providing professional rug cleaning in Derby, Northampton, Leicester, Nottingham and surrounding areas since 2000. One service from our expert technicians will not only make your rugs fresher and brighter, it will also retain their natural feel and enhance their longevity.

Unlike other companies, we’ll choose a cleaning process that is best suited for your specific rug type and avoid the use of any harsh chemicals, bleaching agents or other hazardous materials that could potentially damage the fibres or ruin the colour. We always carry out an audit before beginning the restoration process and will discuss any areas of concern that you may have regarding your rugs and your service options.

Take a look below at our cleaning process, from pre-wash inspection to the finishing touches… All designed to produce results that make you proud your rugs again.



Each rug is inspected for any pre-existing conditions. Many times, soil covers up dye lot variations (abrash), fibre staining, prior dye bleeding, worn areas or white knots that become “uncovered” after the wash. Some of these are weaving characteristics (abrash and white knots), whilst others are damage that can possibly be repaired or reversed.



Once the pre-wash inspection is complete, we can begin with thorough dusting. Some rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before they actually appear dirty. Cleaning a rug with pounds of fine grit and dirt in the foundation creates mud, so dry dusting is an important first step to the wash process. We will remove ALL of the damaging soil! Harnessing over 40,000 harmonic vibrations a minute, our Rug Badger will vibrate out even the most stubborn soil and sediments caught deep in its fibres.



The dyes of your rug are tested for colourfastness. If the dyes are not colourfast, then the rug is prepared by setting the dyes. We will then begin a cold water, mild shampoo bath, using soft brushes for mild agitation. The rug is soaked for a certain length of time, depending on how much surface soil needs to be worked out and rinsed from the fibres. The rug is then thoroughly rinsed with clean water, before being spun in our centrifuge spinner, which can remove up to 95% of the water.

Professional Rug Cleaners in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Northampton

Our centrifuge spinning machine removes the water for safe and speedy drying

Getting a rug dry as quickly as possible reduces the possibilities of dye migration. With our process, they take just hours to dry, instead of days.



After the cleaning process, we can move on to applying the protector. This barrier coats each fibre to protect against re-soiling and staining. This allows you to simply mop up spills as it prevents the fibre from absorbing spills.

rug cleaning in derby



Air movers are used to help facilitate drying without the use of high heat, so there is no risk of shrinkage. Our special drying room is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure safe and speedy drying of your rugs. Upon a first wash, it is typical for a rug to shrink slightly (less than an inch) – just as cotton and wool clothing does in even a cold water hand wash. And, as with throwing wool or cotton in a high heat dryer, you know this shrinks natural fibres… this is why we dry our rugs the way we do.



Fringes are washed again after the bath, before being dried. The rug is then given a final grooming with a horsehair brush before being carefully wrapped to ensure its cleanliness during transit. We will then deliver your rug directly to your home and unwrap it for you.

Not happy with the results?… Don’t pay!

The number one priority of our team is your satisfaction. As our client, we’re only happy if you are, too. So, if for whatever reason you’re dissatisfied with the service we provided, just let us know! We will re-do the job as a matter of urgency, and if you’re still not happy, we will give you all of your money back!

Here’s what some of our clients have said about the work we’ve done:

4.5/5  ·  11th February 2020 by of MATLOCK, Two Dales
Rug Cleaning
A friendly approachable company. Well equipped providing an excellent service. I was kept informed about the process, things and cost etc.
4.5/5  ·  22nd January 2020 by of DERBY, Church Broughton
Rug Cleaning
Very professional giving a good service. They do what they said they would do.
5/5  ·  2nd January 2020 by of Lutterworth, Claybrooke Parva
Rug Cleaning
Brilliant. Delivered exactly as promised.
5/5  ·  7th November 2019 by of Daventry, Upper Boddington
Rug Cleaning
I have complete confidence in the advice and the service I received and would certainly recommend the company to others.
4.5/5  ·  27th September 2019 by of Oakham, Cottesmore
Rug Cleaning
Very honest about our rug and its suitability for cleaning. Very thorough description about the methods used. Didn’t feel we were being given the “hard sell”.
4.5/5  ·  15th July 2019 by of LOUGHBOROUGH, Mountsorrel
Rug Cleaning
A very good job done efficiently.
4/5  ·  25th June 2019 by of Daventry, Braunston
Rug Cleaning
Good, efficient, inspired confidence.
5/5  ·  26th April 2018 by of Kettering, Islip
Rug Cleaning
Professional company who were very knowledgeable and helpful.
5/5  ·  17th April 2018 by of LUTTERWORTH, Husbands Bosworth
Rug Cleaning
Great service excellent results.
5/5  ·  3rd December 2017 by of Leicester, Glenfield
Rug Cleaning
We all very pleased with the cleaning of the rugs.
4/5  ·  20th November 2017 by of Oakham, Uppingham
Rug Cleaning
Very satisfactory and helpful.
4.5/5  ·  1st August 2017 by of TOWCESTER, Alderton
Rug Cleaning
Everyone I met was friendly and very helpful.
4.5/5  ·  14th July 2017 by of ASHBOURNE, Somersal Herbert
Rug Cleaning
Excellent service and end result as promised. All staff very professional and answered all questions, very helpful.
5/5  ·  30th June 2017 by of Derby, Melbourne
Rug Cleaning
Excellent service, good value, polite friendly people.
5/5  ·  9th March 2017 by of Nottingham, East Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
Helpful and very informative. Will always use you.
5/5  ·  8th March 2017 by of LOUGHBOROUGH, Woodhouse Eaves
Rug Cleaning
I felt that you were a trustworthy firm, from my first meeting with you and I like the way that you explained all the options and processes. The fact that we have used your services on three occasions tells all you need to know! we also recommend you to others.
5/5  ·  6th March 2017 by of Derby, Little Eaton
Rug Cleaning
A very good job is done by a pleasant technician in a professional manner. Very pleased with everything.
5/5  ·  23rd December 2016 by of DERBY, Littleover
Rug Cleaning
An excellent service! Friendly and professional, my hand made woollen Turkish runner looks amazing. I’m very pleased.
4/5  ·  29th October 2016 by of Nottingham, West Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
A very good service.
5/5  ·  12th September 2016 by of NUNEATON, Barlestone
Rug Cleaning
Excellent customer service - prompt, friendly, efficient, great value for money. Very satisfied, returning customer who will be using you again.
4/5  ·  7th December 2015 by of NOTTINGHAM, Cropwell Butler
Rug Cleaning
Very good & professional.
5/5  ·  5th December 2015 by of Leicester
Rug Cleaning
Fantastic services, kept me informed all the way through the cleaning process. Above and beyond services, I was and so pleased with my rug.
4.5/5  ·  12th October 2015 by of Northampton, Scaldwell
Rug Cleaning
Well run excellent staff.
5/5  ·  15th September 2015 by of NUNEATON, Barlestone
Rug Cleaning
Very professional, the people I spoke to on the phone and both of the technicians that came to my house were A1.
5/5  ·  14th September 2015 by of Market Harborough
Rug Cleaning
Very good pleased with the result.
4.5/5  ·  28th May 2015 by of Melton Mowbray, Sproxton
Rug Cleaning
I have been very pleased by the excellent clean of my rugs.
5/5  ·  1st May 2015 by of Ashbourne, Draycott-in-the-Clay
Rug Cleaning
Excellent service that delivered what was promised.
5/5  ·  8th April 2015 by of Loughborough, Quorn
Rug Cleaning
Excellent service would recommend to anyone.
4.5/5  ·  7th April 2015 by of Hinckley, Sharnford
Rug Cleaning
Delighted with the professional service.
5/5  ·  24th December 2014 by of Hinckley, Burbage
Rug Cleaning
Efficient and accommodating.
5/5  ·  4th December 2014 by of Market Harborough
Rug Cleaning
Impressed with results.
5/5  ·  28th November 2014 by of NORTHAMPTON, Brixworth
Rug Cleaning
Very professional with great knowledge put forward in an easy to understand way.
5/5  ·  1st October 2014 by of Nuneaton, Nailstone
Rug Cleaning
Very professional both in costing and time keeping. Extremely caring and thorough during the cleaning process, a very satisfactory result.
5/5  ·  29th May 2014 by of Hinckley, Burbage
Rug Cleaning
Professional, courteous and honest. Wow was the only word we could use at the result, our rug came back to us looking like new.
4.5/5  ·  17th May 2014 by of Nottingham, West Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
Very good and efficient service.
5/5  ·  6th May 2014 by of Belper, Idridgehay
Rug Cleaning
Excellent skills.
4/5  ·  8th April 2014 by of Nottingham, West Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
The service took a little longer than the three weeks I was initially told, which was disappointing, However pleased with the service received.
5/5  ·  21st March 2014 by of LEICESTER, Great Glen
Rug Cleaning
Very good service and excellent price wise rug cleaning excellent. Must say I was a little worried about having it done as friends have been disappointed with other companies, but no need to have been with you.
4.5/5  ·  27th February 2014 by of Nottingham
Rug Cleaning
Very efficient helpful and friendly.
4.5/5  ·  26th February 2014 by of NORTHAMPTON, West Haddon
Rug Cleaning
Excellent service and very friendly. Tom was brilliant.
5/5  ·  26th February 2014 by of LEICESTER, Earl Shilton
Rug Cleaning
Very good, I have recommended you to a few people. At this time I have no complaints about the work carried out, very quick and efficient.
4.5/5  ·  2nd January 2014 by of Derby, Hilton
Rug Cleaning
Very efficient and friendly.
5/5  ·  18th December 2013 by of NOTTINGHAM, West Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
A real good job, on time and very helpful in returning rug.
4.5/5  ·  9th December 2013 by of Market Harborough
Rug Cleaning
Couldn't be better.
5/5  ·  4th December 2013 by of Leicester, Sapcote
Rug Cleaning
If only all service companies were as competent and professional as this.
5/5  ·  28th November 2013 by of Northampton
Rug Cleaning
Very pleased with result, job well done.
4/5  ·  12th November 2013 by of Loughborough, East Leake
Rug Cleaning
5/5  ·  1st November 2013 by of Ashbourne
Rug Cleaning
My impression is of a professional efficient company that shows care and interest in discussions regards treatments etc of carpets.
4/5  ·  7th October 2013 by of Nottingham, Cropwell Butler
Rug Cleaning
5/5  ·  23rd September 2013 by of Leicester, Glenfield
Rug Cleaning
Very good and efficient.
4.5/5  ·  10th September 2013 by of Nottingham, East Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
Reliable and good.
5/5  ·  30th August 2013 by of Nottingham, Cotgrave
Rug Cleaning
The young man could not have been any more helpful and understanding you get top marks. Your company was recommended to me by a previous customer and my dealings with you both with my rug clean and furniture cleaning could not have been more satisfactory. I can't fault you and I am delighted with my rug.
4/5  ·  5th August 2013 by of LUTTERWORTH, Husbands Bosworth
Rug Cleaning
Made a good job.
4/5  ·  24th May 2013 by of Nottingham, Bingham
Rug Cleaning
4/5  ·  24th April 2013 by of Derby, Ticknall
Rug Cleaning
Very good rugs came up really well.
5/5  ·  12th April 2013 by of LUTTERWORTH, Bitteswell
Rug Cleaning
Lovely job! We were thrilled by the way that all our carpets and rugs look like new.
5/5  ·  13th March 2013 by of ATHERSTONE, Norton Juxta Twycross
Rug Cleaning
Very impressed with the expert, knowledgeable & helpful advise given. The service was perfect in every way. Bailey's Floor Care do exactly what they say.
5/5  ·  11th March 2013 by of Nottingham, Radcliffe-on-Trent
Rug Cleaning
Very friendly & quick to respond. Everything looked great when cleaned.
5/5  ·  7th March 2013 by of LEAMINGTON SPA
Rug Cleaning
Excellent service. No need to look anywhere else.
4/5  ·  4th March 2013 by of NOTTINGHAM, East Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
Very good.
5/5  ·  4th March 2013 by of Atherstone, Witherley
Rug Cleaning
I was Pleased with my rugs.
4/5  ·  1st March 2013 by of Melton Mowbray, Old Dalby
Rug Cleaning
5/5  ·  26th February 2013 by of DERBY, Breadsall
Rug Cleaning
First time that we have used you and we will become a regular customer.
5/5  ·  24th February 2013 by of NOTTINGHAM, West Bridgford
Rug Cleaning
Professional and reliable, good quality service.
5/5  ·  22nd February 2013 by of Oakham, Uppingham
Rug Cleaning
Good technical advise and recommendations of service available.
4/5  ·  19th November 2012 by of ASHBOURNE
Rug Cleaning
Very good.
5/5  ·  29th October 2012 by of Nottingham, Bramcote
Rug Cleaning
Well organised, professional and efficient.
5/5  ·  16th October 2012 by of Leicester, Thurmaston
Rug Cleaning
My carpet looked very clean and came up like new. Very pleased with the out come.
4/5  ·  8th October 2012 by of Hinckley, Burbage
Rug Cleaning
Very good.
4.5/5  ·  23rd July 2012 by of ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH
Rug Cleaning
Reliable, honest and friendly.
5/5  ·  23rd July 2012 by of NORTHAMPTON, Weedon
Rug Cleaning
Very professional, very helpful, excellent job didn't recognise my rug it was so clean.
3.5/5  ·  23rd July 2012 by of Swadlincote, Acresford
Rug Cleaning
5/5  ·  19th March 2012 by of Coalville
Rug Cleaning
Top class - informative.
5/5  ·  22nd February 2012 by of Loughborough, Barrow Upon Soar
Rug Cleaning
Great service, friendly helpful technician. I am really pleased with the result.
5/5  ·  4th October 2011 by of RUGBY, Long Lawford
Rug Cleaning
Very professional and very informative.
5/5  ·  1st September 2011 by of ASHBOURNE, Mappleton
Rug Cleaning
Very good service, I am very pleased with the results.
5/5  ·  5th August 2011 by of MARKET HARBOROUGH
Rug Cleaning
I was very happy with what the technician did, no more cooking smells, smells from pets and smoke smells, also very happy with the cleaning of the rug.
5/5  ·  30th June 2011 by of HINCKLEY, Burbage
Rug Cleaning
I was absolutely delighted with the rugs after cleaning. They looked like new again.
5/5  ·  1st April 2011 by of ASHBOURNE, Marston Montgomery
Rug Cleaning
The service was quick, efficient and very pleasant.
5/5  ·  5th January 2011 by of NOTTINGHAM, Cotgrave
Rug Cleaning
Very professional and efficient service.
5/5  ·  22nd November 2010 by of NOTTINGHAM, Keyworth
Rug Cleaning
Exceptionally good. Two other companies had ago at cleaning our rug and failed. You returned it and it looked like new.
5/5  ·  8th November 2010 by of DERBY, Ockbrook
Rug Cleaning
Very good. I was very pleased with the results thankyou.
5/5  ·  12th October 2010 by of DERBY, Borrowash
Rug Cleaning
Good service. Very pleased with the results of both carpets.
5/5  ·  6th March 2010 by of KENILWORTH, Burton Green
Rug Cleaning
The Knowledge of staff at Bailey's Floor Care and cleaning etc gave me the confidence that my cherished rugs would be in safe hands of professionals ... and they were!

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