How to clean your driveway

How to clean your driveway

how to clean your drivewayFirst, why would you want to learn how to clean your driveway? Is it just for appearance sake? Of course not. Taking the time to care for your drive will increase your curb side appeal of your home. Also, leaving those weeds to take a hold will do untold damage in pushing up your drive. So learn how to clean your driveway here for that just-laid look.

But the BIG reason, if we’re honest, is because it annoys you… you can see where your car is normally parked. The weeds and moss have got a good foothold. There’s also a greenish tinge from the algae that’s starting to grow. Now you want to tidy up your drive… You’ll need some serious kit to do this job yourself. You can learn how to clean your driveway but first let’s take a look at the equipment that you’ll need.

Understanding the 6 essential pieces of equipment that you’ll need when tackling the work yourself.

  1. You’ll need a descent pressure washer. Look for one with at least 1900 PSI and a water flow of at least 8 litres per minute.
  2. Invest in a rotary cleaning head for your pressure washer. Most pressure washers come with a ‘lance’, which will work but will take ages to clean your drive as it’ll only clean about an inch at a time. So, unless you want to spend the next couple of weekends staring at your feet then a rotary cleaning head will save you time.
  3. You might want to pick up some patio and driveway cleaner and oil stain remover (if you’ve got oil spots).
  4. If you’re cleaning a block paved drive (looks like bricks) then you’ll need some Kiln dried sand to sweep into the joints to stabilise the blocks.
  5. A soft coco brush to sweep the sand into the joints.
  6. Personal Protective Equipment – very important this bit! You’ll need gloves, wellies, safety glasses and a waterproof suite. When we clean patios we wear a full face mask, waders and a waterproof coat – it’s a dirty job!

Here’s the 7-steps you’ll need to take to re-claim your driveway back from the weeds, moss and ugliness.

  • Remove any kids toys, plant pots, vehicles, furniture or movable items well away from the areas to be cleaned.
  • Trim back shrubs, lawn edges and over-hanging plants.
  • Get a stiff brush (yard brush) and give it a good sweep. This will remove all the loose surface debris.
  • Apply the patio and driveway cleaner to the area being cleaned – follow the manufacturer’s instructions on this.
  • Allow it to dwell, you might find that it’ll work better if you give it a bit of a scrub with the yard brush after it’s sat there for a bit.
  • Using the rotary surface cleaner clean the open areas, getting as close to the edges as you can (this’ll make the next stage easier). Don’t move too quickly – if you start seeing swirls then slow down!
  • Switch to the lance and detail around the edges and make sure you get all those weeds!

Allow adequate time

Here’s how to clean your driveway yourself. You need to wash the surface dirt, algae, mosshow to clean your driveway and any weeds away be particular about this to avoid disappointment. Sounds simple but, if you’ve not allowed sufficient time then you’ll end up rushing and the end result will be clear to see. You’ll leave ‘cleaning marks’ which is where the dirt hasn’t been removed properly, usually because the cleaning was rushed. A 40 sq m drive could take a weekend for you to revive!

You must re-sand…

If your drive is a block paved drive, then you’ll need to re-sand it afterwards. This will replenish the sand that you’ve washed out from between the block. It’s really important that you re-sand your drive when it’s completely dry using kiln dried sand. If you don’t re-sand then the next time you pressure wash your drive you’ll be washing the foundations away!

Tidy-up afterwards!

Then there’s the fall-out. This is, as the Americans’ call it, is the Collateral Damage of pressure washing. You’ll need to rinse down nearby fences, walls and windows adjacent lawns and flowerbeds because this is where the dirt ends up! So rinsing everything down with a hose pipe before packing everything away.

Need help?

Don’t want to do it yourself but want your drive to look as good as it did when it was first laid? Watch this short video to see how we do it.

If this is what you’re looking for then Click Here and fill in the form or give us a call on 01530 215 036 and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re passionate about driveway cleaning and restoration. What drives us is the before and after results as these can be amazing. What actually gives us the kick is the WOW factor we got from our clients when they see their driveway after we’ve finished. It’s this that gives us absolute and total job satisfaction – the reason why we do it!

Not only do we go all out to provide great looking Driveway but also a fantastic service on top of that. Nothing is too much for our clients and we find that this attitude towards who we are and what we do is what keeps our clients coming back time and time again. So if this is the sort of service you would like and you want your Driveway cleaning and sealing to bring back that ‘Just Laid Look’ then please contact our friendly team on 01530 215 036.

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Written By: Chris Bailey

Caring for his clients' soft furnishings and floors since May 2000. Chris is passionate about providing a second-to-none level of service that he believes all his clients deserve.

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