Limestone Floor Cleaning in Leicester

Limestone floor cleaning in Leicester from Leicestershire’s most trusted floor care company.

Looking for a trusted floor care company that provides professional limestone floor cleaning in Leicester? At Bailey’s Floor Care, we’ve been cleaning and restoring limestone floors in Leicester since 2006. These pictures shows that our team of trained technicians can restore your limestone floors back to their former glory. Using environmentally friendly products we were able to remove 6 years of dirt from the stone and were able to restore the grout with our deep and thorough process.

Limestone Floor Cleaning in Leicester

We’ve give our clients the finish they require before sealing the stone with impregnating seals to prevent staining. Watch this short video to learn about the benefits of having your Limestone floor sealed correctly with professional products.

If you’re looking for professional limestone floor cleaning in Leicester then you can either call us on 01530 215 036 or Click here and we’ll take care of the rest.

All of our technicians, including our limestone floor cleaners, are fully trained to IICRC standards (the IICRC are the ‘Go To’ people in our industry for training) and through The Nu-Life Training Academy. So, we are more than capable of cleaning and restoring your Limestone floors back to a brand-new state.

We’re passionate about providing the best Limestone floor cleaning and restoration in Leicester and the whole of Yorkshire. What drives us is the before and after results as these can be truly amazing and always leave a smile on the client’s face. What actually gives us the kick is the WOW factor we got from our clients when they see the floor after we have finished and this give us absolute and total job satisfaction – this is the reason why we do it!

Not only do we go all out to provide great looking limestone floors, but also a fantastic service on top of that. Nothing is too much for our clients and we find that this attitude towards who we are and what we do is what keeps our clients coming back time and time again. So if you’re looking for a professional limestone floor cleaning service in Leicester, contact us now on 01530 215 036.

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Written By: Chris Bailey

Caring for his clients' soft furnishings and floors since May 2000. Chris is passionate about providing a second-to-none level of service that he believes all his clients deserve.

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