Limestone Floor Cleaning in Ashby St Ledgers, Daventry

Limestone Floor Cleaning in Daventry

Keeping your Limestone floors clean can be tricky…

…especially if your Limestone isn’t highly polished! It creeps up on you… you don’t notice that your Limestone needs professionally cleaning until you’ve move a rug or piece of furniture and then OMG!

You try and give it a good, deep clean with a mop and bucket and although the water is black your limestone floor looks the same – dirty! So you try again but this time with a scrubbing brush. So you are on your hands and knees scrubbing away, you’ve even tried a toothbrush on the grout and bingo!

You’ve now got a cleaner patch! But it’s taken ages to do that small area and when you look at the whole room you realise… it’s going to take you ages to do all of it and your knees are killing you and your back is aching – and let’s forget your finger nails!

Does this sound like your experience?

Cleaning Limestone floors isn’t as easy as it may appear! We’ve been professionally cleaning Limestone floors since 2006 and even though we have all of the professional equipment, use great products and have got years of knowledge and experience… even we find it hard work so we have great admiration for anyone that’s made an attempt to clean their Limestone floors themselves BUT… Help is here! If done correctly then a deep clean of your Limestone floors by a professional, experienced cleaner will restore the WOW factor back to your Limestone floor. Just like when it was first laid.

Here’s a Limestone Kitchen floor that we have recently cleaned and restored in Ashby St Ledgers, Daventry. You will see from the pictures what difference having a professional cleaner do the hard work for you.

Limestone Floor Cleaners in Daventry (’s how we did it:

  • Firstly, we vacuumed the floor to remove the grit and dry soil.
  • We then protected all sensitive areas with masking tape and plastic sheeting etc.
  • We applied our cleaning product direct to the floor through our scrubbing machine and allowed it to dwell for about 15 minutes before giving the Limestone a deep and thorough scrub with some special brushes that helps release the dirt from the Limestone.
  • We scrubbed the grout lines with our grout brush – just to make sure we got right into the groove.
  • Then a high pressure rinse washed the slurry away and got deep into the pores of the Limestone, flushing the dirt and soils away.
  • We then dealt with any other issues, marks etc.
  • We finished cleaning the Limestone floor with a dry buff and then removed all of the masking tape and plastic sheeting etc before allowing the floor to dry ready for sealing.
  • Once completely dry (in this case it was the next day) we then applied two coats of an impregnating seal

Applying a seal after cleaning is really, really important as it provides a barrier in the stone against oil and water based spills that will help to stop spills from becoming permanent stains as well as making it easier to keep the floor clean.  The type of seal applied depends on a number of factors that we discuss with you right at the beginning.  This floor was sealed with a solvent based impregnating seal that penetrates the stone and seals it from within.

You can see here how the seal stops water soaking in…

Limestone Floor Cleaning & Sealing in Daventry (

After care – It’s so important if you want to stop it becoming dirt and ugly again!

How can you keep you floor looking like this ALL the time?

Simple, as a company that is passionate about delivering a Professional Limestone Floor Cleaning and Restoration service it would be wrong for us to just stop after the full restoration. We want you to keep re-living that WOW factor that you’ll experience when we’ve finished our initial restoration.

We can do this with routine maintenance of your floor. That doesn’t mean that we’ll mop your floor every week for you – you are more than capable of doing that. What we can do is to tailor a package, especially for you that will keep your Limestone floors looking great all year round.

If this is you, if you have tried cleaning your Limestone floor yourself and have lost the will to live or if you’ve peeled your rug back and can see a massive difference where your rug lives or if you’ve just fell out of love with your Limestone floor then let us bring the WOW factor back to your floor.

To take the next step then you can either phone us on 01530 215 036 or just click here and complete the form and we’ll take care of the rest.

We look forward to helping you bring the WOW factor back to your Limestone Floor through Professional Cleaning.

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Written By: Chris Bailey

Caring for his clients' soft furnishings and floors since May 2000. Chris is passionate about providing a second-to-none level of service that he believes all his clients deserve.

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